Matthew believes in the power that policy reform can have on communities.

Matthew has a deep understanding that a change in policy is not just a change in circumstances, whether they be equal rights, infrastructure development, or more financial support. What can’t be measured by policy reform is how much hope it creates. It acknowledges a community is valued and marks the beginning of solving an institutional issue. In fact, Matthew personally experienced the power of policy reform when the Obama administration legalized marriage equality nationwide in 2015. The fact that the President of the United States acknowledged his humanity made him feel valued for the first time as a gay man.

Because of his passion and personal connection to institutional change, Matthew has oriented his education around communicating complex social issues. As a communication scholar, he extensively studies issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and whiteness in order to create effective multi-media messages to his target audience.

Matthew is experienced in the legal side of social and political issues. He holds extensive knowledge of the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles, and has dissected urban policies recently passed to alleviate housing insecurity. He understands that while policy does have substantial impact in addressing housing insecurity, it is going to take massive reform from the nonprofit, private, and public sector to have true change.

Matthew’s skills in communication and research is only furthered with his skills as a creative. As the Director of Media for Trojan Shelter – a nonprofit organization with a mission to house housing insecure college students – and the Director of Media and Communication for Trojan Advocates for Political Progress, Matthew is extremely experienced in social and political graphic design. He intersects his knowledge of social issues with skills such as typography and hierarchy to create powerful messages.

His dreams are to run the campaign for the first Asian American female US president, and make a documentary about our current welfare system. He loves watching TV and movies and is always looking for social commentary when watching. In his free time, he practices design and calligraphy and loves cooking with friends.